Raised by Russian immigrants, American born artist Anya Kouznetsov, from Scottsdale, Arizona, was brought up with the simple idea to appreciate life’s offerings, however great or small. Anya was drawn to creative disciplines for as long as she can remember but found visual art’s true capacities when she was only 7. During 2008, or otherwise known as the “Great Recession,” her family faced the threat of homelessness as their livelihood was brought into question every day. Despite the inconsistency and the uncertainty that the future held, the one prevalent element in Anya’s childhood was art. She quickly realized the escapism drawing and painting provided for her family. She fondly recounts nights where friends and relatives would come together to mess with colors and concepts to relish in a moment of communal peace. Noticing her affinity for painting, Anya’s family enrolled her in a fine art school, where she accredits her professionalism and skillful technicality to her teacher, Lena Rojdestvenski.
It was at this point that the pressures of academics and society compelled Anya to quit art altogether. After painting consistently throughout her childhood, she put down her brushes for nearly 3 years. Dissatisfied with the monochrome nature of her life and the persistent need for color, Anya resumed her artistic endeavors during her senior year of high school. Her freshman year of college, she endured heartbreak, loss, and the unfamiliarity of navigating through the early stages of adulthood. However, Anya also experienced love, beauty, and the results of genuine human connection. She refers to the inspiration behind her pieces as intimate exchanges of energy and finds purpose in having her viewers form relationships with her work. “My pieces will live and breathe on your wall,” she says, “they think and observe the same way I do when I sit down to create them.” Determined to express her circumstances, Anya has been painting ever since with an aptitude for oil on canvas. Now 19, she plans on pursuing her artistic dreams while simultaneously pursuing a Visual Arts degree at Arizona State University.